With only the best working for us, you can trust in us.

At present, Wallis has 20 permanent staff and
approximately 150 casual staff,

all with broad industry experience.

Our staff are all full members of The Research Society (TRS), committed to its ethical and professional conduct requirementsWallis is also a member of the Association of Market & Social Research Organisations (AMSRO), and was accredited to the international standard ISO20252 in 2007. This standard is required for all companies that are members of AMSRO.

Our teams are career-oriented and dedicated to professional development, striving to ensure our clients receive up-to-date information and services based on current industry rules that are relevant to their needs. Our interviewing team is considered one of the most professional in the industry, and is the reason why many large organisations in the public and private sector are happy to entrust their customer research to us.

Our Management Team

Josephine Foti M.A, B.A (Hons), MTRS

Josephine Foti

Josephine is a Director and owner of Wallis. Josephine brings a wealth of experience in the design and implementation of large-scale, high-profile surveys including longitudinal surveys having worked in every facet of the industry over her career. Josephine has particular experience in contacting people in disadvantaged circumstances taking advantage and improving on the multi-mode interviewing techniques in use in the company. She is leading the company forward in its data visualisation efforts fuelled by the conviction that a picture tells a thousand words. Josephine sits on the Committee for the Association of Market and Social Research Organisations.

Ben Bishop B.A (Hons), MTRS

Ben Bishop

Ben is an Account Director at Wallis managing several high profile multi-mode communications and behavioural change monitoring programmes. Ben is particularly adept at designing complex sampling frames to access all members of the Australian public. His qualifications in linguistics place him in the unique position of being able to understand how and why people use the language they do, enabling him to delve deeply into the real meaning behind respondent answers and behaviour. Not surprisingly, Ben takes a great interest in respondents’ own words whether these are captured through surveys or exploratory research techniques.

Joshua Flack M.Sc, B.Bus, MTRS

Joshua Flack

Joshua is an Account Director and owner of Wallis. Joshua specialises in Business to Business research and the practical application of statistical modelling and analytical techniques. He has particular expertise in the education and employment relations sectors. Joshua is a Member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and the Statistical Society. At Wallis he pushes internal Research and Development efforts forward by constantly striving to find improvements based on collected operational statistics.

Anne-Marie Gut B.Psych, MTRS, QPR

Anne-Marie Gut

Anne-Marie is an Account Director at Wallis. Her main areas of expertise are client experience, customer satisfaction and community attitude surveys in the compensable insurance, energy and renewables sectors. Anne-Marie is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society and has Quality Practising Market Researcher accreditation. She sits on AMSRS’ Victorian Government & Social Research Network Committee. Anne-Marie is Wallis’ Quality Manager – a highly important and valued role, and in this capacity she is responsible for ensuring that Wallis’ processes and procedures not only work as intended but have the right outcome – satisfied clients.



Jim is Senior Account Director at Wallis. He has over 25 years of diverse research experience both as a supplier and buyer and has led teams delivering large-scale, complex projects for major clients. His experience spans a range of industries, including automotive and finance, and his key areas of interest are advertising, branding and customer satisfaction. Jim holds QPR accreditation from the Australian Market and Social Research Society, is a past chair of the Victorian committee, and maintains an active interest in the Australian market research industry.


Wallis’ team of 150 interviewers talk to

people from all walks of life.

Most contact is made by telephone, but we also speak with people face to face and send them online and hard copy surveys for them to complete in their own time and with our help.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join the team, please call 8620 5688 (preferably during office hours from 9 am until 5 pm Monday to Friday).


“Because I like to help people get their message across, particularly if they have been suffering a long time and need a voice, need someone to really listen to them and take their concerns.”

“Being able to be a person these clients talk to about their experiences and recovery (from condition) is humbling, particularly when language barriers can be overcome.”

“I’m a (user of this service) and it’s interesting to hear about people’s experiences both good and bad. Over the years I have noticed satisfaction has gone up. Some people are very enthusiastic about doing the survey because they very much want to have their say.”

“People like to have the opportunity to give their feedback and having their opinion and voice heard.”

Wallis has knowledge in a multitude of industries.
So we can tailor all our solutions to your specific needs.