LSAY provides a rich source of information about young people and their pathways, helping researchers and policymakers make educated decisions about youth policies.


Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth

Wallis has undertaken all data collection for LSAY since 2000. Each year the participants are interviewed either by telephone or online and answer questions related to their study, work and job search activities, volunteering, living arrangements and attitudes to a range of issues that may affect the lives of young Australians.

There are currently two cohorts of young people participating in the study. Both were introduced to LSAY following their participation in the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA).

The oldest group of recruits to the survey are the Y09 cohort members who all completed their first telephone interview in 2010 after participating in PISA in 2009.

The latest group are the Y15 cohort members who were recruited after participating in PISA in 2015, and completed their first survey in 2016.

Further information about LSAY and access to previous survey reports can be obtained through the LSAY website at

The LSAY Database

All participants in the LSAY program are encouraged to keep their contact details up to date. This can currently be done by returning the regular update sheets in the reply paid envelopes provided. It’s also easy to call the Wallis LSAY 1800 number, or send an email with updated contact details, or use our online form (see details below).

No details about any individual in the LSAY surveys is ever made available in LSAY reports or anywhere else.

The names and contact details for every LSAY participant are kept in a secure database at Wallis. These details are stored separately from the data collected during the annual interivews. Each survey member is contacted by mail prior to interviewing and given the opportunity to review and amend their details. Wallis is a member of AMSRO and therefore operates under the Market and Social Research (Privacy) Code and the industry’s Code of Professional Behaviour in the way it handles personal information. The market and social research industry is the only one in Australia to work under a Code that is stricter than the provisions of the Privacy Act. To view notes on privacy at Wallis, click here for the Privacy Policy.

Survey participants can update their contact details by:

Or, if you have the ID number from the top right of the last letter you received from LSAY, click here to use our online form.