Quantitative Services

Our survey research is of the highest possible quality,

we use a combination of technology, people and
on-site facilities to deliver these services.

Using a range of strategies ensures we can:

  • Launch online surveys via email, mail or SMS invitations via website or through a third-party supplier of research participants.
  • Target the right audience for your needs, and work with Australia‚Äôs leading providers of research sample and survey participants.
  • Host and manage research panels and communities, allowing members to complete a number of research tasks such as usage diaries, photographs and examples of things they like and dislike.
  • Complete complex website content development and usability evaluations.


To achieve these outcomes, we utilise our:

  • 70-workstation computerised fully integrated multi-mode interviewing system combining telephone, online, tablet, hard copy, email and SMS communications through a centralised database contact handling system.
  • State-of-the-art tablet computers with 4G wireless capability, enabling us to seek out specialist audiences or complete specific tasks such as visitor and usage surveys.
  • Special purpose-built briefing rooms and training facilities.
  • Private interviewing room for projects requiring confidentiality.
  • Field team comprising 150 interviewers with specialist business-to-business and Languages Other Than English (LOTE) interviewing teams, who are highly experienced in discussing sensitive topics such as problem gambling, injury compensation, and government benefits.
Wallis has knowledge in a multitude of industries.
So we can tailor all our solutions to your specific needs.