Case Studies

We boast a broad client portfolio across a variety of industries.

Customer Satisfaction Monitor (CSM)

Public Transport Victoria

Wallis started to manage the Customer Satisfaction Monitor for PTV in 2006.  It measures community satisfaction with Victoria’s public transport including trains (metro and regional), trams, and buses (metro and regional).  Each year almost 12,000 interviews are completed by telephone – providing a robust data set to report performance monthly and quarterly for each of the service providers. 

Federal Election Campaign Evaluation

Australian Electoral Commission

Wallis has been the supplier for communications development, evaluation and testing for federal election communications campaigns by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) since 2015. Our contract has recently been extended to 2023.

Blood Service Surveys (ARCBS)

Australian Red Cross

Australia is one of a few countries not to pay or reward blood donors for donations of blood and plasma and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service ARCBS) wanted to know the effect that introducing an incentives program might have on donors and non-donors.  Wallis won the contract to find out.

Employer Skills and Satisfaction Surveys (ESS)

Victorian Department of Education and Training

Wallis worked with the Victorian Department of Education and Training to develop the inaugural Skills and Training study in 2014.   The project involved responses from more than 5,700 Victorian workplaces.  Each was invited to take part with a hardcopy survey pack, but participants could also complete the survey online or wait for a phone call.   Wallis repeated the study again in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in partnership with CIRES at Victoria University, bringing its skills and knowledge of the policy implications into the mix.

Central Melbourne Travel Survey

City Of Melbourne

This survey has been run every two years since 2006 and Wallis won the contract in 2014, 2016 and 2018.  It is a key piece of work used for forecasting and planning based on the information it gathers about those present in the centre of Melbourne for work, study and other purposes (such as shopping, leisure and tourism).

Public Education Evaluation Programme (PEEP)

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

The Transport Accident Commission is one of Victoria’s largest advertisers.  Since 2014 Wallis has been responsible for measuring its effectiveness through the Public Education Evaluation Program (PEEP). The program measures all of the TAC’s major campaigns in all media.  In addition the program captures Victorians’ attitudes and behaviours relating to important and upcoming road safety issues and campaign topics.  

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