Case Studies

We boast a broad client portfolio across a variety of industries.

Department of Eduction, Skills and Employment

JobSeeker Classification Instrument (JSCI)

The Department of Eduction, Skills and Employment engaged Wallis to conduct the Phase 2 evaluation of the Department’s online JobSeeker Classification Instrument (JSCI). The JSCI forms one of the early stages of applying for income support. Wallis’ experience in sensitively engaging with jobseekers, and our ability to provide insight on user experiences means we were perfectly placed to deliver the project.

Creative Victoria

Victoria's Design Sector 2019

Creative Victoria engaged Wallis to profile the Design sector in Victoria, estimating the economic and employment contribution of the sector as well as its competitiveness nationally and internationally. Wallis was engaged based on our successful previous conduct of this project in 2008, 2012 and 2015.

Department of Education, Skills & Employment

Evaluation of the Stronger Transitions Program

Wallis, in partnership with ACIL Allen Consulting, was engaged by the Department to undertake the evaluation of its Stronger Transitions Program, which supports workers transitioning their careers following business closures. Wallis and ACIL Allen were engaged based on our successful work exploring the experience of workers during and after the closure of the automotive manufacturing sector. The evaluation ran over a number of years from 2018 through to 2020. 

AEC Eden-Monaro By-election Research

Australian Electoral Commission (AEC)

Wallis has been the sole supplier evaluating AEC federal election communications campaigns since 2015. Recently re-appointed until 2023, we were selected because of our proven ability to reach all eligible voters and our strong reporting and presentation skills.

The purpose of this research was, firstly, to measure the effectiveness of the AEC’s COVID-19 health protection measures introduced for the Eden-Monaro by-election and secondly to evaluate the AEC’s campaign designed to raise awareness of these health protection measures and alleviate voter concerns.

Evaluation of As One-Making it Happen: APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016-19

Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

As the Disability Employment Strategy has been implemented for almost three years, the aim of this research is to evaluate the outcomes of the Strategy across Commonwealth departments and agencies and to find areas of improvement.

Having had research experience in dealing with sensitive topics, Wallis was well-placed in conducting this research. Our ability to complete the research within a tight time-line and our flexible approach allowed for the successful completion of the evaluation.

National Research Infrastructure (NRI) Census

Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Wallis has won and retained this project because of our ability to develop and deliver innovative data collection solutions, as well as the high level of support we provide to the infrastructure administrators who complete the census.

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