Case Studies

We boast a broad client portfolio across a variety of industries.

Evaluation of As One-Making it Happen: APS Disability Employment Strategy 2016-19

Australian Public Service Commission (APSC)

As the Disability Employment Strategy has been implemented for almost three years, the aim of this research is to evaluate the outcomes of the Strategy across Commonwealth departments and agencies and to find areas of improvement.

Having had research experience in dealing with sensitive topics, Wallis was well-placed in conducting this research. Our ability to complete the research within a tight time-line and our flexible approach allowed for the successful completion of the evaluation.

National Research Infrastructure (NRI) Census

Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Wallis has won and retained this project because of our ability to develop and deliver innovative data collection solutions, as well as the high level of support we provide to the infrastructure administrators who complete the census.

Water Code Amendments Review

Essential Services Commission

Wallis has recently undertaken a qualitative review exploring whether the intended outcomes of the Essential Services Commission’s 2017 water code amendments relating to family violence have been achieved.

Longitudinal Study of Problem Gamblers and Family

Australian National University

This study of problem gamblers and their families was commissioned in 2014 by the Australian National University (ANU) with the objective of improving the services available to assist them.  Its aim is to work out what motivates people to seek professional help for gambling issues and then to study why some gamblers enter and continue treatment for their problem while others don’t.

Reviewing the Response to the Closure of the Automotive Manufacturing Industry (Stages 1-3)

Commonwealth Department of Jobs and Small Business

This study is an excellent example of one of Wallis’ key strengths – working in collaboration with others to get the best results for our clients.  For this study we partnered with specialist management consulting firm ACIL Allen Consulting to review the closure of the automotive manufacturing sector in Australia.  The project involves gauging the attitudes, perspectives, expectations, mental health and wellbeing of automotive workers and their families and support networks as they go through the process of retrenchment and into other activities.

Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Wallis has interviewed and managed one of Australia’s largest Longitudinal Surveys since 2000. In that time the survey has changed dramatically and Wallis has ensured that the information collected is compatible with the past, even though the mode of collection has changed.  The majority of young people are still recruited to the study while they are still at high school.  We have consistently averaged a retention rate over 90% by matching the way we interview them and allow them to interact with us once recruited. 

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