Wallis was commissioned by The Australian Red Cross Blood Service to conduct surveys on attitudes amongst blood donors and non-blood donors.

Australian Red Cross

Blood Service Surveys (ARCBS)

Australia is one of a few countries not to pay or reward blood donors for donations of blood and plasma and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service ARCBS) wanted to know the effect that introducing an incentives program might have on donors and non-donors.  Wallis won the contract to find out.

Working collaboratively with the ARCBS, the aim of the blood donor survey was to explore the effects of a number of possible motivators on attitudes towards increasing blood and plasma donations.   Blood donors were sent a letter inviting them to to complete a survey online. Those who did not complete the survey received a reminder ‘phone call and were offered the opportunity to complete the survey then and there or to complete it online. Given the implications for data protection and privacy, a comprehensive consent process was put in place so that all respondents consented to the research prior to taking the survey.  One of the key reasons Wallis was chosen for this contract was its outstanding record in this area and contribution to best practice thinking in data protection and privacy.  Over 1,000 surveys were completed.

The non-donor study aimed to understand the attitudes (positive and negative) of non-donors towards a range of incentives and the impact these could have on donation behaviour. The non-donor survey also used a multi-mode approach allowing participants to complete the survey by telephone or online.   People with mobile phones were invited to participate via a secure SMS including a survey link.   Once again those who didn’t respond were followed up with a phone call and no-one was interviewed until they had completed a detailed consent process.   1,200 people took part.  The ARCBS is in the process of writing up its findings and may publish them shortly.