The program measures all major campaigns conducted by the TAC, one of Victoria’s largest advertisers.

Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Public Education Evaluation Programme (PEEP)

The Transport Accident Commission is one of Victoria’s largest advertisers.  Since 2014 Wallis has been responsible for measuring its effectiveness through the Public Education Evaluation Program (PEEP). The program measures all of the TAC’s major campaigns in all media.  In addition the program captures Victorians’ attitudes and behaviours relating to important and upcoming road safety issues and campaign topics.  Wallis won the contract because of its ground-breaking design using every mode of contacting the public and allowing participants to complete the survey in the most convenient way for them.  The objective was to reach every facet of the community – Wallis has achieved this with its approach.

The questionnaire changes regularly and is time-sensitive meaning that managing the program is a very complex task.  On top of the regular number of interviews achieved each week, additional interviews are often added with particular types of people or on specific topics.  This gives the TAC a finger on the pulse on key issues and campaigns.  A study of this size provides many opportunities to analyse the information collected many ways, and to look at the data regularly in less detail or less frequently in more depth.  Importantly, the TAC has always monitored its campaigns, but when Wallis produced its first Annual Report on findings they were picked up by the media for the first time – because our graphics designers worked alongside our researchers and they were easy to understand.

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