This is one of Australia’s largest longitudinal surveys.

Commonwealth Department of Education and Training

Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY)

Wallis has interviewed and managed one of Australia’s largest Longitudinal Surveys since 2000. In that time the survey has changed dramatically and Wallis has ensured that the information collected is compatible with the past, even though the mode of collection has changed.  The majority of young people are still recruited to the study while they are still at high school.  We have consistently averaged a retention rate over 85% by matching the way we interview them and allow them to interact with us once recruited.  The study follows young Australians as they go through some of the largest life changes – the later years of secondary school through post school education, employment and, in some cases, family formation.  Wallis is a data collector for the Department of Education & Training but works closely with NCVER to ensure the results are reliable and available to the public.

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