Wallis has reviewed whether the intended outcomes of the ESC’s 2017 water code amendments relating to family violence have been achieved

Essential Services Commission

Water Code Amendments Review

In the final quarter of the 2019/2020 financial year Wallis undertook a review of the water code relating to whether the intended outcomes of the Essential Services Commission (ESC) 2017 water code amendments concerning family violence had been achieved. Those intended outcomes were: to provide support to people affected by family violence; and to ensure no further harm comes to them through their dealings with their water provider.

This research comprised face-to-face and telephone depth interviews with financial counsellors, advocate organisations and family violence service providers. The interviews were undertaken in both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

The research found that many considered that support by the water companies had improved since the 2017 water code amendments, and that although qualitative in nature, this suggested that there has been some improvement by the water companies in the level of support given to people affected by family violence.

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