The project involves gauging the attitudes, perspectives and expectations of automotive workers seeking employment under structural transition.

Commonwealth Department of Jobs and Small Business

Reviewing the Response to the Closure of the Automotive Manufacturing Industry (Stages 1-3)

This study is an excellent example of one of Wallis’ key strengths – working in collaboration with others to get the best results for our clients.  For this study we partnered with specialist management consulting firm ACIL Allen Consulting to review the closure of the automotive manufacturing sector in Australia.  The project involves gauging the attitudes, perspectives, expectations, mental health and wellbeing of automotive workers and their families and support networks as they go through the process of retrenchment and into other activities.  It uses every means of interviewing appropriate to their circumstances including the more traditional means of computerised telephone surveys, individual interviews in person and by phone and small group discussions. We also interviewed key stakeholders in the industry and other workers along the supply chain.  Survey participants were then re-interviewed 3, 6 and 12 months after closure.  While the Study is still in progress, some interesting and positive findings have already emerged.  In particular, the ACIL Allen/Wallis team was able to bring the lessons from the earlier closures to those that followed them later.  This helped the providers of financial, training and other support services identify the optimum offering to provide in the first place and when to provide them for best effect.