Wallis Scores 94.17% for Customer Satisfaction

The judging process for the 2019 Australian Achiever Awards for Australia’s Advertising, Marketing & Public
Relations Services category was completed on 6th March.

Wallis scored a highly recommended 94.17%.

Now into its twenty‐second year, the Australian Achiever Awards are an independent, unbiased award system
based on assessment ratings from a business’s own customers. The awards provide an indication of a well run
business where satisfied customers are a sign that a business is healthy, worthy of praise and increased

The award system focuses on seven criteria, each scored separately, namely: Time Related Service, Addressing
Client Needs, Care and Attention, Value, Attitude, Communication and Overall Perception. The criteria are
rated individually in percentage terms and the final score is an amalgam of these. Anything above 80% overall
is regarded as exceptional and reflects outstanding customer service. A complete list of all businesses who
have achieved award status over the last few years can be viewed at www.achiever.com.au.

Some of the comments Australian Achiever received from Wallis clients are:

The team at Wallis really understand our business, their role in our business and the job they need
to do. They do exactly what we need. I really enjoy working with them and have great respect for them.

I have been impressed that they understand our needs, when we sometimes do not even fully understand
them ourselves. Their communication is excellent and always very clear. And, they are very thoughtful with their
feedback, and provide amazing reports that include extra things we do not ask for. I am pleased to say they are
wonderful and have been absolutely outstanding for our business.

We selected them off a panel, they had been vetted and given quite a high rating and we chose them based on that.
They were clear on their timelines and presented a project plan with steps on how to reach our goals. I appreciate
that they were flexible with time arrangements, as we had to lengthen a timeline due to things out of our control,
and they were very understanding. They considered any concerns and gave solution based suggestions and
completely understood if we went a different route. Overall they were excellent for us.